2020 Ford Escape

Ford auto maintenance understandably receives your attention regularly during the best of times. Still, the recent pandemic has changed so many aspects of life that it is easy to put your car's maintenance needs on the back burner. This may be because you are busier than ever before as a first responder because you believe that your vehicle does not need regular attention while it is parked in the garage most of the time or because you are fearful about visiting public places more than necessary. Nonetheless, your Ford's longevity and overall condition are dependent on the care that you show it throughout your entire ownership period.

Drive Your Ford

When many of your Ford's components lie dormant because the vehicle is not used frequently, significant damage can occur. This includes brakes rusting, hoses and belts drying out, tires wearing unnecessarily in one area, and even the battery losing power. The fast and easy solution to combat these issues head-on is to take your Ford out for a 20-minute drive at least every two weeks.

Replace Dirty Oil

When your Ford's engine does not have the proper lubrication, its various components can wear out much faster. Severe damage and expensive repairs can result. If your Ford is due for an oil change, you can learn how to change the oil at home by using online educational resources. You may also look for a mechanic who will allow you to remain in your Ford while the oil is changed.

Look Under the Hood

Belts and hoses under the hood will become brittle as they dry out, and they will dry out rapidly if the car is not driven frequently. Every week or two, pop open the hood of your Ford. As you look at each belt and hose carefully, identify components that appear to be dry, cracked, or worn in other ways. These parts should be replaced before they cause different types of auto damages or before they cause a breakdown on the side of the road.

Taking great care of your Ford is now more critical than ever. You may need to adjust how you have been caring for your Ford based on the current situation. However, with the right approach, you can give your Ford the full attention that it needs regardless of how frequently you are driving it.