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Ford CPO Vehicles for Sale in Richardson, TX

Welcome to North Central Ford. We are pleased to inform you that we have a broad selection of high-quality Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are affordable but still in like-new condition for your satisfaction. These vehicles compliment our inventory of used cars for sale near Dallas. Our CPO vehicles are late-model autos with low mileage and additional factory warranty protections. This eliminates the chances of running into the hidden surprises when you buy a used car and is the savvy choice that shoppers prefer over playing guessing games in the private market. You will be glad that you made the choice when you have a problem-free vehicle that makes you look rich at deeply discounted prices.

Benefits of Buying Ford Certified Pre-Owned Cars

A Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a wise decision because brand-new automobiles are hit with heavy depreciation costs during the first few years. If you can get someone else to absorb these costs and still maintain the vehicle as you would if you bought it brand-new, then you can save a lot of money and hold onto a vehicle longer. Once the first few years of depreciation take their toll, the clock slows down. This means that you recoup most of your investment in that Certified Pre-Owned vehicle if you decide to resell it a couple of years later. The same simply can't be said about a brand-new automobile.

This is the only possible way that we can feel comfortable issuing an additional factory warranty on a used automobile. It is only because we have a full maintenance history of the vehicle that this is possible. In the majority of the cases, our certified technicians performed all the maintenance on the vehicle to factory specifications to ensure its long-term vitality. If people out there knew the secret behind the Certified Pre-Owned models and why they are such exclusive deals, they'd be lining up their cars outside out lots waiting for us to open. You will benefit from lower monthly financing payments, less money down, and less depreciation, while still buying a vehicle that looks like something brand-new in our lot. Although you may face those major repairs such as timing belts, new tires, and other maintenance jobs a few years sooner than you would with a brand-new vehicle, the day of downtime and small service costs are nothing compared to the huge savings. Learn more about why you should buy a Ford CPO vehicle.

Reliable Certified Pre-Owned Cars

As stated, our factory-trained technicians actually inspect each vehicle before they put it up for sale. They go through an exhaustive checklist to measure the play in tie-rod ends, ball joints, and bushings. They measure brake, rotor, and tire tread wear. They also look for any noticeable wear or defects in the interior or under the car. They carry out preventive maintenance if anything is due and alert potential buyers of when they may require key services like timing belt changes.

Feel free to check out our current certified Ford specials. We have a large variety of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles for you to test-drive and will make your shopping experience as relaxing and easy as possible, which includes walking you through the used car loan process. Please contact us or stop by today.

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