Sonic Price

THE Sonic Price

The Bedrock of Our Approach

At North Central Ford, our goal is to make it easy for you to shop for your new car. That's why North Central Ford is the better buying experience. We keep things stress-free, straightforward and simple, by offering a streamlined buying process that transpires quickly without a ton of paperwork. When you visit with us, you're assigned just one Experience Guide who will accompany you all the way through - we don't bounce you around from one employee to another.

How Does Sonic Price Work?

We understand you hate haggling over prices. We hate it too. Each of the cars we sell comes with the Sonic Price, so you can skip all the wrangling - you always get the best price up front.

Buying with Sonic Pricing is as easy as 1-2-3!

We base the Sonic Price on the selling price of identical vehicles in your locale

You'll find that the price matches up to your research

We eliminate the unpleasant, back-and-forth negotiation process

Remove the anxiety and stress. The Sonic Price lets you enjoy purchasing your next car. Find your next Ford today!

The Sonic Automotive Guest Experience


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