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Welcome to North Central Ford. Here, you will learn all about our full selection of brand-new Ford SUVs and why it makes sense to invest in them. We want you to know how durable these vehicles are and about their track record for customer satisfaction. We sell so many new Ford SUVs because we personally believe in the quality of the brand. But, we are not the only ones praising Ford. They are one of the best-selling brands in the world!

Benefits of Buying New SUVs

When you buy any one of the brand-new Ford Expedition, Edge, Escape, or EcoSport models, you are driving away with a solid investment and decades of reliable fun. This is because Ford is famous for its dependability and the low-maintenance aspects of their vehicles when compared with many imports. Although all automobiles may fare relatively equal in the narrow range of issues that emerge after the first few years, Ford is known to take their vehicles the distance. This is why you will often see old Ford's surviving in the family and refusing to quit even when other newer models that are trending have come and gone.

An SUV is a perfect vehicle for any family. You can safely store all the accessories that you need for a new baby and have plenty of room to keep their siblings happy and entertained while on the road. There is space for grocery shopping and even picking up construction and other materials when dad might need the vehicle for work. When you consider the power and fuel efficiency of the Ford EcoBoost engines and the electric hybrid options that they provide, there is no reason why anyone should not put Ford at the top of their lists when they are in the market for a new SUV.

In fact, you will find that Ford has the latest safety systems like birds eye cameras for automated parking and even the adaptive cruise control that uses radar sensors to match your speed to pace your vehicle with forward traffic. Ford's also have excellent infotainment systems like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to synch with the voice commands, hands-free calling, and entertainment of your SmartPhone. In addition, you can always rely on the SYNC navigation systems for accurate travel instructions without all the confusion that some map apps can create.

Reliable New SUVs

When you buy a new Ford SUV, you can rest assured you're buying a quality vehicle. As long as you continue to bring your vehicle to our dealership for regularly scheduled service, your Ford will last you a lifetime. This is because our dealership takes exceptional care in screening out any manufacturer defects by carrying out comprehensive and thorough inspections. Our factory-certified Ford technicians know common trouble spots and pay careful attention to those issues to ensure your safety and satisfaction.

If you're ready to test drive a new Ford, contact us or stop by North Central Ford in Richardson today!