The Advanced Towing Features in the Ford Expedition

Don't let the size of your trailer affect the way you drive. With the Ford Expedition, you can maintain full control of your vehicle no matter what you're hauling. This popular full-size SUV is available at North Central Ford with an integrated Trailer Brake Controller and Trailer Backup Assist system.

Trailer Backup Assist feature lets you make tiny adjustments as you navigate the SUV in reverse. Rather than using the steering wheel, you can manage the movements of the trailer with a dedicated knob on the dash. This feature is particularly useful for drivers in Richardson who are trying to get the trailer and SUV into tight spaces.

With the Trailer Brake Controller, you don't have to worry about slipping or swaying. The system synchronizes the brakes of the SUV with the brakes on the trailer. Controls are built into the dashboard. They're close to the steering wheel, making them accessible at all times.


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