Feisty, durable, and undefeatable is the best way to describe the Ford Ranger. The new Ranger can be used for heavy-duty workloads or it can be used to just cruise around the city. This year’s Ford Ranger has received tons of new features, including three new paint colors, off-road packages, rear-wheel drive, and even more technology features.

In addition to these magnificent features, the Ford Ranger is extremely durable. The Ford truck can be used to haul more than 8,000 pounds of equipment. At this time, the Ranger has one of the best-in-class payloads.

As if this isn’t enough, the Ranger comes standard with a powerful engine with excellent fuel economy. With the Ford Ranger, drivers no longer will have to worry about paying a lot of money for fuel or upkeep. Overall, the Ranger is an excellent heavy-duty truck.


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