Driving Technology in the Ford Taurus

In the new Ford Taurus, you can drive throughout Richardson and beyond with peace of mind. This popular full-size sedan is available with some advanced tech features that can keep an eye on your surroundings as you drive.

Many models at North Central Ford come with Adaptive Cruise Control. This feature works similarly to older versions of cruise control. However, the built-in cameras and sensors take things a step further. Once you've chosen your desired speed, the Taurus will work to keep it constant. However, if traffic requires you to slow down, the car will automatically do so.

Also available is the Forward Collision Warning system with Brake Support. Those same sensors used for the previous feature will monitor how close you are from the vehicle ahead of you. If a potential collision is detected, multiple warnings will go off in the cabin. Depending on the situation, the car may pre-charge the brakes to help you come to a safe stop.



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