Robotic and Extreme Testing of the 2019 Ford Ranger

The new Ford Ranger is a midsize pickup truck that is put through extreme testing before it is made available to the public. These are a few of the ways this truck is put to the test.

The new 2019 Ford Ranger undergoes extreme robotic testing to provide you the best quality vehicle on the road. To test all of the suspension mounts, the truck is being subjected to days of continuous shaking to identify and eliminate any rattles that could ruin your ride. The new 2019 Ford Ranger gets hauling heavy loads in extreme heat and freezing temperatures, all in an effort to make certain you will not experience any difficulties when it comes time to haul your boat or trailer.

If you would like to see the new 2019 Ford Ranger when it is available, contact North Central Ford and our team will reach out the minute they are on the lot.



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