Why the 2018 Ford Edge Needs to be in Your Driveway

You go for an SUV because you know you're guaranteed a lot of cargo space, plus comfortable seating for multiple people. Whether you're transporting the kids to soccer practice or bringing back a load of groceries from the store, the 2018 Ford Edge meets your needs with ease.

The all-wheel-drive transmission allows you to maneuver through light snow and rain without an issue, and the built-in sensors tell the vehicle to adjust the torque during certain road conditions to ensure maximum traction and to reduce wheel slip to prevent accidents. Furthermore, all 2018 Edge models come with the individual tire pressure monitoring system, which checks the amount of air in each tire and an alert warns you via a warning light on the cluster screen when a tire is running low on tire pressure so that you can quickly remedy the problem to ensure optimal fuel efficiency and safety. When you're ready to see what makes this car so special in-person, visit North Central Ford in Richardson, TX to enjoy a hassle-free test drive today.

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