Side Tanks and Their Link to Your Transmission

Your radiator is a central part of your engine cooling system, and it is made of many other parts put together. Two pieces of the radiator that often get little attention are called the side tanks. Also known as the inlet and outlet tanks, these components help your system to regulate coolant flow.

In addition to providing routing services, some side tanks actually contain small radiators known as transmission fluid coolers. These parts include hoses that are connected to the transmission casing, from which hot transmission fluid flows through the hoses to the transmission cooler. The transmission cooler-element and the hot fluid within is then cooled by the outbound radiator fluid flow, helping to keep the transmission fluid at proper temperatures.

Transmission fluid coolers are intricate devices that need regular attention from qualified cooling system experts. At our Ford parts and repair location, our North Central Ford cooling system experts bring certified skills to the table. Swing by today for a quick transmission cooler checkup.

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