Ford Mustang Handling Features and More for 2018

The latest 2018 Mustang is a slam dunk from Ford. Most people have driven one of the new models have complimented Ford on the innovative style as well as the smoothness of the drive. The handling is all new, as well as the engine performance. You can now go up to 526 horsepower or more in the latest trims, including the Shelby GT 350, which supplies more than that amount of horsepower.

There are also new driving modes. You don’t have to stick to just all-weather, front-wheel, and rear-wheel. There is now a drag mode in the Mustang that lets you change configurations so you can get the most performance out of your sports car. If you truly enjoy the drive, then this is one feature that will help you get your maximum potential in terms of performance.

Ford Mustang also included an all new suspension system, as well as the MagneRide damping system which automatically controls drive train configuration depending on the road you are traveling on. You can get rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive depending on where you are driving.

There are a ton of cool features with the latest Mustang. You can check out the showroom at North Central Ford to get more information.



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