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The All New: 

North Central Ford

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9 Time President's Award Winner!!

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One word: WOW!

The new dealership building is still under construction but is open for business with only some minor and well disguised construction underway.
My service appointment with Roy H. Coleman was SPECTACULAR! Roy took care of every detail and my car was serviced in record time.
There were no lines and three lanes of incoming service entry's available.
Because details count - what I especially loved:

- The waiting area was MASSIVE and the size of two large houses.
- The seven wired and wireless guest stations for workers to make themselves at home.
- At least 20 large flat-screens kept at the perfect sound level
- Large comfortable chairs that lull you into a nap
- European styled furniture an fixtures that oozed CLASS!
- A clean men's room with outrageously expensive fixtures such as sinks
- Pricing and items under warranty trumped the competition, no need to do it yourself
- Although my car is new, there was temptation around every corner including the new 2016 Mustang!
- No trade-in sales pitches of any kind
- Ever staff member encountered was professional, approachable and FUN
- Outstanding location on the 75/Central Service Road just south of Cambell

Highly recommended!

Rex M.  Yelp!

I decided to give Central Ford in Richardson one more try before I bail to another dealer for maintenance of my 2011 Edge. My last visit was not good when I got my car home. The fluids were not topped off like they were supposed to be per the coupon. The coupon also said a so many point in inspection. Which we paid $49.95 for. Also, the tires were rotated. Two days later the low tire pressure light came on. After a review on yelp the sales manager asked for one more try.
This time when I went back. I was greeted by Charles Shreiber the Service Drive Manager. After I gave him the spill about what happened last time. He made it a priority to put my mind at ease that he was going to take care of it. Which he did. I was in and out in less than an hour. No less on a Saturday. Then the oil change was free. All in all the Service people up there are great. Each time I was there they had smiles, coffee and donuts. Hopefully I have no problems with my car as I plan on seeing them in another 3000 miles.   Thank you so much, 

Roy C. Yelp!

Sachse, Tx.

Dear Mr. Dunkerson, 

"I am so sorry that I have not sent this thank you sooner.  I got busy with school and it took me a while to finish buying all the school supplies possible with the $500 gift card you generously donated to our school.  Also, I was unable to include pictures of the students on the Thank You poster I am sending you due to district policy not allowing us to take pictures of the students unless the parents give specific permission.

At first students did not take me seriously when I told them I had received a $500 gift card for school supplies.   I asked them to tell me what they needed so that I could buy it for them.  They didn't think I meant it and so they ignored me at first.  Those that didn't, were very surprised when I brought brand new supplies (still in the package).  I guess, they are used to getting used/recycled supplies such as binders or old color pencils.  The first student to get a new binder was shocked!   I wish you could have seen the big smile on his face!! 

Once everyone realized that North Central Ford was covering the cost of the supplies, they started requesting items.  The students wrote a list of what they wanted and I went shopping!!  I bought binders, pencils, pencil pouches, electric pencil sharpeners for the teachers, etc, etc., etc.   

It was nice that I was able to buy specific items that students had not been able to get earlier.  Thank you again and I wish your dealership increasing success so that you may be able to continue supporting the community!"

 Elizabeth S.

Carpenter Middle School

"We had a great experience with Barb. She answered all our questions and if she did not know the answer she would find them for us. She kept following up with us throughout the process which took a year for us to finally decide to purchase our Explorer. She is very friendly approachable and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely purchase from her again."

Plano, TX

"I came into the dealership just to look at some of the new cars in Fordâ??s line up and consider a few different options as a possible upgrade from my ten year old gas guzzling SUV. Doug spoke with me about the things that were important to me in my current vehicle and why I was so attached that I have kept it for so long. I felt he really listened and paid attention to the things that mattered the most to me when it comes to owning my car. Over the years, I have visited numerous dealerships just to brows and have often spoke with the sales reps about possibly changing vehicles which always lead to me being more satisfied to keep my current vehicle rather than take on a new car payment. Doug was diligent in his effort to find the right vehicle that offered everything I could ever ask for and more, and he also managed to find the right car that placed my payment within 1 dollar of my very strict budget confinements. I was literally blow away by his professionalism and moved by his compassion. I felt like Doug actually cared about what I wanted and needed and he was so happy for me and my bride to be when we drove away in our new Ford Edge. He also took the time to walk us around the lot and introduce us to the service department manager and let us know exactly what to do in times of service repair needs and routine maintenance visits. Because of his thoughtfulness and thoroughness, I am very happy to be a North Central Ford Dealership customer."

San Francisco, CA

"I went to north central ford to purchase my first car, and truly had one of the best customer experiences in my life. Barb, and the entire staff were extremely friendly and helpful and took the time to make sure my car was exactly what I wanted. I think that customer service Is something that most dealers take for granted, but definitely not at north central ford! :)"

Sachse, TX

"Terry  was a great help in assisting me with finding a car. I told him what i was looking for and what my budget was and he got me a vehicle right away. It was a pleasure working with this salesman and this dealership."

Dallas, TX

"I came into the North Central Ford after doing research on the cars I wanted and the Dealership I wanted to work with. Doug Gardner exceeded the expectations that I had going in to purchase my new car. I had this narrowed down to 2 vehicles the Fusion and the Focus. I told Doug what I wanted and why I chose these 2 models. He showed me both cars, informed me of the way each vehicles met my needs. He truly honored my wishes and did not try to sell me something that I was not interested in. Doug Thank you for all your assistance. I have already recommended you to Friends. "

Dallas, TX

"This is the best service group that I have ever used. They are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. I don't use anyone else for my F-350 and even my Lincoln."

Richardson, TX

"The family car we had a 2001 cadillac deville transmittion went out for the 2nd time a couple of days ago. I was a mess knowing that me and my husband would have to pick up a car note something that we had not had in over 4 years along with I have never purchased a car in my name or dealt with a dealership before and have heard so many horror storys about how crooked they can be. Me and my husband knew were we wanted payment, mileage, ect. Well my husband found a car that we felt would fit us and we went up to the dealership. We were met at the door by "ohio" and we informed him that we would like to see the vehical we saw online. Well he informed us that he thought the car had been purchased but wasnt sure because he had just saw it. Well he starts searching for this SUV we wanted to look at he sured up and down high and low looking for the car he knew it was there at the dealership just didnt know where. Well we finally find the car and test drive it I loved it. Ohio took us and worked it to exactly what we wanted, Finance was just as great (I wish I knew the guys name we dealt with but he pushed and got us a lower interest rate, payment and warrenty.) THIS WAS THE MOST NON STRESSFUL PURCHASE I HAVE EVER MADE. Ohio did not act nor push us to buy anything he is very laid back and just leaves it up to you and he will also do what ever he can to get you what you want price range, car, ect. I would surely recommend this dealership to any and everyone. I normally dont get online to do reviews but my experience being a first time buyer was phenomenal."

Plano, TX

"Ken Helped through the entire experience. He gave me multiple options and explained everything to me in great detail. He is very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him and North Central ford to Everyone!!!! Ask for ken if you are looking for a used care he will for sure take care of you!"

Plano, TX

"I have never purchased a vehicle from a dealership before in my life. Norm carefully explained the options available and showed me ten or so vehicles to get a 'hands on' view to see what was available. Norm also offered to 'run the numbers' on all the vehicles that I looked at and showed some interest to give me a better idea of the range of costs of the different options. We narrowed down the choices to four and from those choices I was then able to make the decision for the truck I purchased. I've been told by others that most sales are on average four to six hours in duration so I've felt somewhat bad about using up all of Norm's day since he spent a good eight hours with me by the time all the paperwork was completed. In this whole exercise it seemed the most important thing was to make sure I was getting the right vehicle, and not to 'beat the clock'. "

Dallas, TX

"Amazing and quick!!! The sales process was fine, it took me a little less than an hour and a half in and out with my used car."

Dear, NC Ford
I normally don't post reviews but felt it was warranted. This was my first time going through the whole "car buying process" so immediately felt out of my element. I was very up front with the salesman and told him I was only interested in looking around...

I figured he was going to just "let me be" and let me wander around alone. Instead, he spent a whole hour talking to me about how "Fuel Efficient" Car X was and why Car Y why wouldn't be best for me. (Even though the one I wanted was the higher price tag).

It feels good to have someone like that on your side... especially when it comes to making your first big purchase. I didnt feel like I was being bullied into a large purchase.

Admittedly, I did not buy a car that day. But because he spent time explaining everything and entertaining my questions with no pressure.... I will be returning. Any environment that fosters that atmosphere is a company that is worthy of my business.

Sincerely, Marty M. Yelp!
Dallas, Tx.

Good service, friendly staff...they don't try to gouge you or convince you of anything you don't need. Online service appts are a plus. You are assigned (or you can pick) a service adviser that will work with you from the time you drop your vehicle off to the time you pick it up. They also wash your vehicle when they're done. Will be returning for future work/maintenance.

Chris B. Yelp!  
Richardson, Tx.

Went in on Saturday just to look. I had already decided on a VW Beetle but was forcing myself not to get the first car I liked. We get out, walk past a couple of used cars and spot a beautiful Infinity in the used lot. Enter our salesman. He walks up, introduces himself as Tyler, and we discuss test driving the car. He runs in grabs the keys and offers to sit in the back. The back seat has NO foot room but he cheerfully sits back there.....this guy is somewhere over six feet tall. No way was he even close to comfortable. Then we get back and I want to look at other cars. He walks us around and I zoom in on Mustangs. For the price of the fully loaded Beetle I could get a fully loaded Mustang? We test drive not one but two, poor guy crammed into the back again. Never complained. Great personality goes a long way. I have noticed when you go into a place like a car dealership dressed down (sweats) they tend to give you less service....if anyone helps you at all. I guess they assume you are poor? Not here. There was not one person that made us feel like we were anything but VIP's. There were long waits on signing paperwork, etc...but they were busy. I saw some people absolutely losing their minds and being downright hateful to the sales people and they just tried to do any and everything to make the people happy. I was impressed. As a business owner I can recognize good service. I wanted to chew those people out and they were not even talking to me....but they were nice as could be through it all. The guy that did our paperwork Kevin was a great guy too. Great personality. Between the customer service, kind people, great car we couldn't be happier. When you go, ask for Tyler on the used side. He can help you with new cars too. If we buy Ford in the future that is the only place we will go.

Amanda S. Plano, Tx.


Written by BFitch81 on 02/03/15 07:17:07 PM PST   - Edmunds Price Promise

Recommend this dealer? Yes Purchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

Called several dealers for similarly equipped models, presented each dealer with competitors offers and North Texas Ford's internet departments beat 4 other dealers by around $850 on our 2015 Expedition. I originally called at 3:10pm sitting at my home in Frisco and I was driving my new vehicle home before 6:00pm. Met same rock bottom APR as my credit union offered, didn't try and force any unnecessary add ons, signed on the dotted line and away I went. Great experience from the internet dept, sales manager, and finance department. Highly recommend.

Easy lease!

Written by Lucky7s on 12/22/14 11:26:10 AM PDT - Edmunds Price Promise
Recommend this dealer? YesPurchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

I went online and requested info on an escape, and fusion. Mike got back to me quickly, and answered my questions about leasing, and specials north central ford had at the time. When I came in the fusion I chose, and information he promised were as described. I will lease my cars from mike from now on. Thank you

Love my new fusion hybrid!

Written by dreamland on 011/14/14 01:32:10 PM PDT -  Edmunds Price Promise
Recommend this dealer? YesPurchased a vehicle from this dealer? Yes

Michael N. in the internet dept. was great! He found the fusion hybrid we truly wanted. He found it at another dealer that adds tint to their cars. He honored the price we agreed upon and we got the tint for free! He had all the paper work ready for when we got there! Great experience!

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