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1819 North Central Expressway
Directions Richardson, TX 75080

  • Sales: 800-574-9708
  • Service: 800-574-3901
  • Parts: 800-574-5489
a Sonic Automotive Dealership

Vehicles Under $10,000 .....VIP Hot Line (800) 498-2431


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On occasion, there will be misprints in our inventory section.  North Central Ford is not responsible for incorrect information concerning availability and pricing and will in no way be held liable.  Discounted new Ford vehicle pricing may include dealer and manufacturer discounts and rebates.

Vehicles may be located at another facility. Please call and schedule an appointment for the vehicle and it will be transported, free of charge, to North Central Ford.

All prices plus tax, tag, title, and documentary fee.

A documentary fee is not an official fee. A documentary fee is not required by law, but may be charged to buyers for handling documents relating to the sale. A documentary fee may not exceed a reasonable amount agreed to by the parties. this notice is required by law.

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